Surprisea 25' Crosby Cat  rebuild          restored bit-by-bit 1999-2007

Jon Agne is a catboat guy. I worked on his previous boat, a catboat, which was too old, and one day he took me to Connecticut to look at Surprise. We surveyed her together on her mooring, he bought her and so began a long-term, on-off, bit-by-bit restoration process during which time he was constantly off sailing her.

If memory serves, Hadden Boat replaced, here and there:
Centerboard trunk
Foredeck/mast partners
House sides/ coamings,
Refasten/recaulk/refair hull
Cockpit seats and floor

Most memorable was removing the 13 or so coats of industrial yellow paint with which the entire boat was covered. It would neither melt, scrape nor sand.

We didn’t have to strip the yellow off her fittings, as Jon is also a hardware guy, and has steadily supplied Surprise and Hadden Boat with any hard to find bronze for the last fifteen years. Click on any photo below to see an enlarged version.

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