Julie Anne:   1930s Beals Island Lobster Boat    launched 2006

Julie Anne, ex Anorak launched 2006

This 1930s Beals Island Lobster boat was rebuilt for the 2nd time in 2006 at Hadden Boat Company. The first rebuild was in Connecticut 1960 where Mr. G. Renfrew Brighton salvaged her off the mud flats, gave her a new arrangement and profile by adding a raised deck forward and sport/fish style windshield and coamings. Aside from being beautiful, this gave Anorak better accommodations forward and added to her rough water abilities.

In 2006 Hadden Boat replaced the keel, added all new floor timbers, power, bulkheads, transom, frames forward, and every other bottom plank.

Julie Anne / Anorak is a good example of a lean, soft riding fast hull. A straight six 292 Chevy 135 hp pushes her along at 18 knots without squatting. She cruises at 14 knots and uses less fuel going fast than slow. Contributing to these qualities is the fact that she is “built down” rather than skeg built, the hollow sections of which help keep her stern up while going along. A remarkable testament to the builders of Beals Island.

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