Alert:  a 1902 gaff-rigged knockabout sloop         launched 1975

Barbara Hadden
Alex Hadden’s first rebuild, Alert, 
was a 1902 gaff rigged knockabout sloop. While being delivered as a donation to the Maine Maritime Museum, she suffered a knockdown to starboard on dry land off the trailer. Lines taken off port side transferred  to molds for the starboard side, new frames, planks, floors, overall refinish, sailed the coast of Maine for more than 20 years. 

She suffered a sinking during a severe gale in Rockland Harbor in the mid 90s where her keel was ripped out of her bottom. Hadden Boat has recorded her hull lines, still has the hardware and spars and awaits replication for another 100 years of sailing. She was in all respects a thoroughbred: fast, maneuverable and powerful. She never carried, nor needed, a motor.

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