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Alex Hadden began his boatbuilding career restoring a 1902 gaff sloop ALERT in the final days of high school in 1975. Later he built a Phippsburg Hampton while undergoing an 18 month apprenticeship at Lance Lee's Apprenticeshop in Bath, Maine. The Hampton can still be seen on display at the Maine Maritime Museum.

Dredging for oysters under sail, ill-fated voyages as crew aboard schooners old and new, and two years as a shipwright for O. Lie Nielsen building the 65' replica Elizabeth ll followed.

Returning to Maine he worked for John's Bay Boat Co., building new lobster boats to Carroll Lowell's design.

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Alex went solo with an offer to build a new Sea Bird Yawl in 1987 as an excuse to make use of a pile of old bronze hardware and sails. Her completion led to the keel-to-truck restoration of Agnes Irene, another Sea Bird, this time with the help of Robert Stevens thus founding Hadden and Stevens Boatbuilders, eventually of Hermit Island.
 ELIZABETH II, Manteo, North Carolina

In 1995, Alex moved on to form Hadden Boat Co. where he continues to restore and build wood boats of all kinds, creating new boats from plans, existing hulls old and new, and customers' ideas.

Hadden Boat Co. has always managed to bring out the best of a designer's intentions in strength, performance, fair lines and proportions. This same integrity carries over into the straightforward and efficient operations of the shop. 

Keel and Backbone replacements are taken in stride.

, Great Bay, New Hampshire     Barbara Hadden

Time-proven practices ensure quality and longevity at an affordable price.

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